New Foot Darts Game Inflatable Dart Board Giant Inflatable darts

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I am sure you couldn’t have guessed right some few years ago. You can call the foot darts a magic sports if you like, because only such a game could look so much like a fairy tale. The new game is already sweeping through the web and many sport lovers are already asking questions. The game is a lot of fun to practice, perhaps that is why it has gain so much popularity within such a short time. You can’t expect anything les from a game that rolls darts and soccer into one game. It’s probably the best dart game we have seen so far. You can nearly guess what the game entails from its name. It’s all about applying the kicking skill from soccer to a large dart board. Just like your regular dart game; the aim is to hit the bulls-eye with the sticking velcro covered ball. The rules have not changed much. To get you started; here are 3 tips for playing foot dart:

  • Keep a distance from the ball in other to build momentum before taking your shot.
  • Find a sight line from the ball position and aim at your target
  • Give a little run before you kick in order to make more impact

Being a relatively new game; there aren’t many experts to teach it. But it is simple and can be mastered easily with consistent practise. It doesn’t matter whether you are a left footer or a right footer, you can achieve perfection on any foot with constant practice. Why not form you own soccer dart club….try foot dart today.

Here is some information about Foot Darts:

SizeĀ : (LxBxH) 6,5 x 5,5 x 4,5

Packed size : 1,0 x 1,0 (DxL)

Weight : About 100 kg

Weight for blower : 15 kg

Set up time : aroundĀ 10 minute

Install, pack up : 1 persoon

Capacity : around 10 personen


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