One of the present games trending prior to outdoor sports is the foot darts. What is foot darts? Foot darts is a newest sport that is a mashup between soccer and darts. This is a very interesting game and it is not dangerous as regular darts. The objective of this sport is to kick a soccer ball at an inflated 22-foot diameter Velcro dart board like a soccer game and score points by hitting the target the same way as darts.

foot dartBuying foot dart is an impulsive idea when you learn how to play this sport. It has becoming a favorite and popular reactional activity invading Europe, North America and Australia. This will be a new bonding activity of friends and families when they buy foot darts. A British-born sport created by Foot Sports UK, foot darts has been described as “the ultimate test of accuracy”. Unless you are a pro soccer player, mastering and kicking the ball to accurately to the target could take ages. It is so much fun. What if the ball got stuck on the highest part of the dart, how do you get it? I have no idea.

This new sport is available online when you buy soccer darts. You can buy it from $1500-$2500 per unit or $1-$40 per square meter. Make sure when you buy foot darts online, always inspect the package if there is a damage.

The official product name of foot dart is inflatable foot darts. Its size is 5 meters (wow) with materials made of 0.55mm PVC. Available colors are blue, white, black, etc. If you buy foot darts within the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia, the shipping fee and logo printing are free. But, you must have to pay some extra charges after placing your order. You can choose among blue, white, black etc. You also have a warranty for 1 year and a free repair kit.